You Know Im the Face of the City Thats Why You Mad Lyrics

Song Info: You Know Im the Face of the City Thats Why You Mad Song name is 6000 Degrees sung by $hyfromdatre.

You Know Im the Face of the City Thats Why You Mad Lyrics

Ay, ay, aye
These b^^ches gotta be kidding me (Let’s go)
B^^ch call me broke when she livin’ off income
My gucci cost more than your rent, b^^ch, literally
These b^^ches was fans before they was enemies (Duh)
This b^^ch is a big dummy
Type of b^^ch go and flex all her rent money
Stop the capping we know you don’t get money (Stop the cap)
It was never no beef with this b^^ch
Man, this hoe is delusional and want some exposure (Some еxposure)
This b^^ch grown as the f^^k and she twicе as my age
On my life, man, I don’t even know her (On my mama)
Insecure, man, that b^^ch need some closure
Big Scorpio, I was born in October
One minute, yeah, I be smoking a opp
Then I’m smoking Gelato, I must be bipolar

[Verse 2]
Kickin’ big s^^t with my feet on ’em (Ay!)
I ain’t even gotta touch the b^^ch
‘Cause her baby daddy beat on her
No forreal, beat her a^^, then he skeete on her
S^^t, and he might even pee on her
It’s a opp hoe in my fat wood
B^^ch so broke that she ran out of tissue
And wiped her stank a^^ with a backwood
But it’s time to close the curtain
B^^ch you so wack, I’d rather play with [?]
Fresh as f^^k, like my name dish detergent
Watch my every move
Man, this b^^ch steady lurking (Why?)
Yeah, I’m bout to get it in (What?)
B^^ch, how you gon’ diss lookin sponsored by Citi Trends?
B^^ch you a flop, you don’t know what to do
I came back to my talk, we can go [?]

Come on, b^^ch
You know you had to mention $hyfromdatre to get some views
Stop playin’ (Stop playin!)

I really beat b^^ches for fun
I pulled up on her and she pulled out a gun
I don’t even got the rest of the energy to-
For this lame a^^ b^^ch (No cap)
I should slap the f^^k out your mama
You grown as the f^^k flashing 200 dollars, the f^^k
(B^^ch get out the [?] and come get in the field)
You know I’m the face of the city, b^^ch
That’s why you mad
Lil’ b^^ch, aha
B^^ch, you know my name
Hoe, stop playin with me
This b^^ch is goofy
For the record hoe, I don’t stay with my pappy
My rap stating real life
Now tell ’em how you was a fan first
Aye, the f^^k

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