You Bow Down to Me You Go Down for Me Lyrics

Song Info: You Bow Down to Me You Go Down for Me Song name is No Flockin’ sung by Kodak Black.

You Bow Down to Me You Go Down for Me Lyrics

D^^n, That’s So Sad
Kkk, Kkk

Young N^^^a, I Got Old Cash, Spazzin’ On They A^^
I Got Prada On My Ho A^^, Got My Last One Mad
Pop A N^^^a Like A D^^n Tag, Shoppin’ On They A^^
I Just Bought A New Old Jag, Yeah, It’s So Fast
Smokin’ Flocka, You A J^^a^^, All I Smoke Is Gas
Don’t You Ask Me Where The Pole At, Where Yo’ Clothes At?
I Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout My N^^^as, D^^mit, But Y’all Trippin’, Too
Is It You? D^^n, My N^^^a, What The Hell Got Into You?
Project Baby, Y’all Was Skippin’ In The Hallway, I Was Skippin’ School
On My Ps And Qs, On Them J^^^as, Call Me J^^^aboo
Bleedin’ Concrete, Bet You N^^^as Won’t Come ‘cross The Street
Pardon Me, I Don’t Talk To You So Don’t You Talk To Me
I Ain’t Dissin’ On Nobody, B, I’m Vibin’ On The Beat
Honestly, I’m Just Tryna Be, I Just Gotta Be
Tryin’ To Get Over On Anything, They Tellin’ Lies To Me
I Spent Five On My Pinky Ring, She Love My Diamond Ring

Anyway, I’m Married To The Game, She Said Her Vows To Me
I Ain’t Gettin’ On My Knees, Bae, You Bow Down To Me
You Go Down For Me, You Lay Down And Do The Time For Me
Sorry, Boo, Yeah, I Lied To You, But Don’t You Lie To Me
It’s Lil Kodak, The Finesse Kid, Boy, Who Hot As Me?
Told The Doctor I’m A Healthy Kid, I Smoke Broccoli
I Will Run Around Your Whole Board Like Monopoly
Ol’ Boy, You’s A Broke Boy, Flocka’s Got You Beat
Chocolate, Call Me Reese’s, Can’t Catch Me Without The Piece
C’est La Vie, I’m Ten Toes Down, You Fallin’ Off Your Feet

I Will Trick Yo A^^ For A Treat, Call It Halloween
Yeah, That Money’s What I Play Fo’, Call It Lottery
Godd^^n, You’s A Clown To Me, You’s A Clown To Me
You Can’t Smoke No Black & Milds With Me, Get In The Car With Me
You A Funny Guy, Don’t You Even Joke Around With Me
How Could It Be? Get From ’round A G, You Grounded From Me
I’m A Freeband Junkie, You A Junkie
You Gettin’ Skinny, I’m Gettin’ Chunky, Gettin’ Money
Want Some Food? Boy, You Hungry, I Want Them Hundreds

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