Why Have 1 B When You Can Have 5 Lyrics

Song Info: Why Have 1 B When You Can Have 5 Song name is Lil Bro sung by GmacCash.

Why Have 1 B When You Can Have 5 Lyrics

I Told My Big Brother We Bout to Make It Out the Hood With This One
I Got Us Bro (We Outta Here)

Riding Downtown, in My Momma Car (Vrrm)
Dog in the Yard, Go Ba-ba-ba-bark (Roof, Roof, Roof)
D^^n Her A^^ Fat, So I Had to Park (D^^n)
Ran Outta Gas, So It Didn’t Start (Aye, F^^k)
Excuse Me, Bih I Had to Fart
I Told Big Bro This Gon’ Make the Charts (I Swear)
He Always Sad, Bih Broke His Heart (Haha)
I Told Him, F^^k That Bih, N^^^a
Get Some Money (N^^^a Get Some Cheese)

I Didn’t Graduate, but I’m Not a Dummy (Okay)
If the Police Catch It, You Ain’t Get It From Me (at All)
Yeah I Just Ate, but I’m Kinda Hungry (Hungry)
A Lot of People Hate, but My Momma Love Me
(I Love Ya Mama)

Why Have 1 Bih, When You Can Have 5 (Five)
Why Have 5 Bihes, You Can Have 9 (Nine)
I’ll Give Away a Bih, You Can Have Mine (You Can Go)
I Need a Break From a Bih Like It’s Halftime

Blah Blah Blah Blah Bih, Get Out My Ear (Come on)
Always Talking Bout Some Sh^^
I Ain’t Trying to Hear It (You Hear Me)
I Had to Tell Big Bro, Like This My Year
I’m Bout to Take Off Like, When You See a Dear

Thousand Dollar, Earrings, You Can See My Ear (Bling)
You’ll Never Catch Me Crying, Won’t See My Tears (at All)
You Ever Hit a Bih That You Been Trying to Hit for Years (Yup)
Finally Hit, You Feeling Like the Rookie of the Year (Hell Yeah)

First Time Rapping, and I Think I Got a Hit Though (Let’s Go)
All I Do, Is Step, on Sh^^, I’m a Big Toe
Chill A^^ N^^^a, but Yo Bih Call Me Lit Though (Come on)
D^^n, I Said Yo Bih, Why She All Up on My D^ck Though (Haha)
F^^k Around, and Dunk on a N^^^a, Like I’m 6’4
Grandma Was a Gangsta, but She Used to Drive a 6 4
Yeah This Beat Hard, F^^k Around and Have to Tick Though (Aye)
D^^n This Bih Bad, F^^k Around and Make a Flick Though (Aye)

When I Born, They Held Me in the Air Like the Lion King
Dog Say He Tripping, in the Kitchen, He Frying Wings (Bih)
If I Don’t Make It With This Rap Sh^^, Imma Try to Sing (Come on)
If I Don’t Like a N^^^a ’round Me, I’m About to Swing
(Swing on That N^^^a Man)

Lil Bro

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