Twenty Twenty Three Got To Come In With All The Pressure Lyrics

Song Info: Twenty Twenty Three Got To Come In With All The Pressure Song name is 2023 sung by Viotto.

Twenty Twenty Three Got To Come In With All The Pressure Lyrics

Twenty twenty three
Got to come in with all the pressure
Imma reassure myself
That my life is coming together
Tryna block out all the voices
It’s time to put in the effort
Staying focused on the money
That’s really my own endeavor
Hypocritical & typical
Lemme show you a visual
Yearning to be different
But never keep it original
Pitiful, miserable
Boy who is on his pinnacle
Of flipping crazy syllables
Hoping to make a difference though
Silly flow, mythical
With the pen, i get physical
Dev will drop the verse
Now you paying, it’s like a give & go
I come on the track
Leaving body bags in the studio
Studious intentions, im hoping
To reach a different mode
Bombing on beats like i’m
From iraq when they let it blow
Le-le-letting off in the winter
Cause i’m too f^^king cold
Twenty twenty one i had finished
School in the nine one oh
Twenty twenty two had me sell
Apartments to ratchet hoes
Twenty twenty three imma spazz
And i hope my money grow
“one day” imma “drop”
And then fill arenas for different shows
Tickets selling out and it’s
People cheering in every row
Family going crazy, i do this
For brother’s down the road
Twenty twenty three is a bentley
I’m in the driver’s seat
If a artist’s calling for features
I guess it’s time to eat
Never had no food in the house
So i started eating beats
Instrumental fiend and the future
Will show you what i mean

Twenty twenty three
Got me adding names to my list
Imma check off on it twice
Because everyone getting hit
I been humble long enough
Now my mental starting to twitch
All cause people that i trusted
Had slowly started to switch
I been trying not to do it
But really i can’t resist
If they sleeping on the kid
Imma show them i never miss
Voices argue in my head
And they fighting over revenge
One is saying “it’s some people
You should’ve left in the ditch”
While the other one is saying
“forget it and go get rich”
Got to do it for the times when
They put me back on the bench
And this year i’m going hard
Ain’t no dropping my confidence
Got to murder every beat
Demonstration of dominance
They don’t want to give me room
But they steady making up rumors
Disregarded my intelligence
Now they’re scared of the future
Versatility ability plus some other maneuvers
Happy new year to the haters
Who really thought it was over
Twenty twenty three
Lyrical murder im on a killing spree
I don’t know but recently
Something has gotten into me
Maybe it’s the people who
Made a fool of my sanity
But now i’m going off
Ain’t no way you think
You could handle me
No remorse to people
I’m coming for all my enemies
Try it with the kid and
You’ll slowly become a memory
Mentally improving
I’m proving to be the next MC
If you don’t see it now
Imma show you in twenty twenty three!

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