The Ballet Girl Lyrics – Aden Foyer

Song Info: The Ballet Girl Song name is The Ballet Girl sung by Aden Foyer.

The Ballet Girl Lyrics

[Verse 1]
She works at a bar
But she’s too young to have a drink
Paying for her mother’s alcohol
And colored pills
Never see her father
But it’s all to the ballet
One night she packed her bags and ran away

[Pre Chorus]
Ohh ah ohh
Oh, now she’s dancing alone, mhm
Toes bleeding out on the floor, mhm
Oh, now she’s dancing alone, mhm
As she moves adagio
Whoa oh oh

She’s beauty and grace
She’s floating on stage
Her happiest days
With a smile on her face
Her memory stained
By the songs on replay
And now she’s dancing alone

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