Suicide Boys Get The Fuck Away From Me Lyrics

Song Info: Suicide Boys Get The Fuck Away From Me Song name is Fucking Your Culture sung by $UICIDEBOY$ from the album Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation.

Suicide Boys Get The Fuck Away From Me Lyrics

(It’s a Smash!)
Play-play-play-play-players never doubt
(You did good, $l^^k)

[Verse 1: Northside Shorty]
It’s that demented motherf^^ker, I’m kickin’ it with my brothers
Repping the *59, you know Grey the f^^king color
My gat’ screamin’, “Kill ’em Wetto, hit ’em where they lay!”
Smokin’ ’em like some indo, let the pistol up and spray
Never could be f^^ked with, my d^^k, they love to s^^k it
They calling me game seven $l^^k, I switch a b^^ch like subjects
Pull up continental, make a hoe get sеntimental
I got 18K in dental, ballin’ with no fundamentals
Michaеl Jackson off a thriller dose, hold off on the killer dose
Cookin’ up in a rental (Bam!), Emeril with the chemical
Grippin’ on my genitals, Northside general
Pull up in that Benz, Forgis turn it something cynical, anyway (Northside!)
Thinking I’m ’bout to die by anyday (Northside!)
Half high pass five (Northside!), rollin’ up that Mary Jay (Northside!)
I might drop 30 like I’m Curry (Northside!) with no NBA (Northside!)
Hop out, Eddie Murray with the stick (Northside!) and let it swing away (Northside!)
Hot boy turn the block out, pimping out the crack house
Macking up on these b^^ches, flew a hoe to f^^k from Krakow
My d^^k threw her back out, packed and flew her back out
Been running and gunning and f^^king, all while tripping in a black out
Mane, it’s the killer (North), Northside Guerilla
Mom and dad both fiends and my ex a pill dealer (Northside!)
Tell me who keep it realer? There’s no drug I ain’t touched
Basquiat your face, and I Banksy your place up
Boy aim with your face up, they clowns with no make up
This me before warm ups, I ain’t even laced up
F^^kboy get your rank up, robbing and dealing and homicide
Spice one, Wetto from the ghetto, I was born to die
Let ’em fry

[Verse 2: Southside Shorty]
Ruby gettin’ up in them gizzards, neck look like a blizzard
Keepin’ an eye on these snakes in the grass, so I move just like a lizard
Backwood tastes vanilla, popping painkillers
Grip the .45, I feel like the Grey Gorilla
Chickenheads flocking, they think I’m a quesadilla
Beating up the p^^sy, I must be a lady killer, yeah
Papa Pine, break yo’ spine, rub her c^^t likes it’s a vibe
Now she’s asking what’s my sign, so I threw up the *59
I’m the Lord of the 7th Ward, pick the lock on heaven’s door
Feel no need to settle scores, leave p^^sies red and sore
Never called her back, she breakin’ down like metalcore
Everybody steals my sauce like they fiending for peppercorn (7th Ward!)
Check the score (7th Ward!), Grey*59, five and o’ in the fourth (7th Ward!)
What a chore, rolled a blunt so big (7th Ward!) we’ll have to light it with a torch (7th Ward!)
Whip looks like it might’ve lost the Second World War, yah (7th Ward!)
Ruby such an animal (7th Ward!)
7th Ward Dragon, when I breathe it’s f^^king flammable
Keep my click tight and isolated like we cannibals
Spit so many bars you’ll think infinity is tangible
All these f^^king chains, you would think I’m wearing mannacles
Yeah, b^^ch, tell me what’s happenin’
D^^k so big, I’ll turn her p^^sy to the Grand Canyon
All my haters p^^sy, like I keep on smelling salmon
Keep it old school, I might pull up with a cannon
Yeah, b^^ch, tell me what it is
Wake up with a smile, picking out the right fit
O.J. in the mornin’, like I stabbed a white b^^ch
Every color in the f^^king rainbow sucked my white d^^k

Wait for a beep, dial 5-9 and hit the pound
Um, okay, so I’ll talk to you later

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