Slow Motion* Lyrics – Kyle Richh

Song Info: Slow Motion* Song name is Slow Motion* sung by Kyle Richh.

Slow Motion Lyrics

[Intro : Jenn Carter & Kyle Richh
Grra , What
Like What Like What
Like D^^n , Like What
Grra , Grra


[Verse 1: Jenn Carter & Kyle Richh ]
She move hot cus she know she my boo
Henny menny she walk with a tool
She call my phone on the way to the stu
Like cus she love when I’m up in the booth
And she want me to tell her the truth
She don’t like when I tote on a blick
Like , With the dot I be tweakin’ n’ s^^t
Lost in my thoughts I be geeking and s^^t
She a rider she keep her a stick
She upsеt said her ex is a b^^ch
When you see mе get to runnin’ rick
And she said she don’t like when I tote on the grip

Slip it in give a f^^k if it fit
S-Sauce gang got my thumb on her ribs
She a s^^t I’m in love with her moans
I think of you when I’m feeling alone
N^^^s all on my d^^k , [?]
Remember days I was stayed in the field
I was just trynna get me a mil
And I’m clutching my chrome , heart got a shell

Real hate , but I know the real
Fake love but I see through the fake
Eyes right can’t see through the shades
I feel like Fifty In 2008
Shawty so bad how she walk in the party
Got me feeling like she is a barbie
On my d^^k cus they know that I s^^t
If you looking for death I can give you a ticket

Beam on the gun can’t miss it
But I miss all the times we was laughing
She told me to keep on rappin’
“You gonna win give a f^^k if they jack it”
If he lackin’ we givin’ him stitches
She still Oot when she off of Bacardi
She gon’ dance when she hold on the Smith’n
I be geekin’ and I am not sorry

Off the Notti she trynna get naughty
Let’s go to pound town take us a trip
She give it up but then choke on my d^^k
She a thot put the gun on her lip
No remorse when I’m totin’ the stick
Shorty a demon the gun in her Ricks
When we f^^k it just start with a kiss
That boy a goose he been duckin’ me since

And how could you run on ya mans
I put the beam on his face till it jam
Dee too geeked , might dump out the van
With a .30 I feel like the what
B^^ch i’m bussin’ , going insane
That b^^ch a demon she play with my brain
And they told me that I ain’t the same
Playing chess but this ain’t a game

Lights out , can’t see through the rain
Roll up the Dotty then breathe through the pain
They like Carter you ain’t been the same
Like, I’m a demon that cannot be tamed, Grra

(Wonder why n^^^^ talk on my name)
(Keep my gun and my b^^ch on my lap)
(Like she a thot put the blick on her back)
(Like what put the d^^k in her back)
(My b^^ch a baddie the grip in her lap)
(Spin through imma oot from a distance)
(Told bro don’t stop keep clicking, like)
(And this beam got a scope can’t miss em)
(Why he runnin’ [?] go blitz em’)
(He on the date but the beam on his b^^ch then)
(Like what I be itchin’ to drench em)

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