My G Lyrics – Aitch & Ed Sheeran

Song Info: My G Song name is My G sung by Aitch & Ed Sheeran.

My G Lyrics

[Chorus: Ed Sheeran, Aitch, Both]
No other name for you
Even though they call you another, you were always my G
And, you light up the room
Ever since the first day you were here, you were always my G

And, if the world is cruel (Cruel)
I will be the last one standin’ here to protect you
Don’t grow up too soon
From now and to forever, you are always My G (Yeah)

[Verse: Aitch]
Yo, G (Ha)
You probably won’t even understand this (‘Stand this)
So, I’ma try and paint the picture ’round the canvas
Just want to tell you, “You won’t ever get abandoned”
Can’t lie, I started writin’ and got anxious
But, you’re my biggest blessin’, what a life I’ve been granted

One in a million couldn’t try it if we planned it
Don’t mind me, just fly free, you’re my G
S^^t ain’t easy, this a different type of love
Everytime we greet, you get a different type of hug

All the memories that we keep, you and me can write a book
And we’re still not done, you’re my G ’til time is up
Out in public, you walk past, and that’s my luck
Keep smilin’ babygirl and watch the day go brighten up
Know I’ma steal for you, I’ma kill for you if someone tried their luck
Can’t even sip my drink, I’m spillin’ tears inside my cup

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