I Will Walk With Jesus And He Will Walk With Me Lyrics

Song Info: I Will Walk With Jesus And He Will Walk With Me Song name is I Will Walk With Jesus.

I Will Walk With Jesus Lyrics

Verse 1:
Jesus walked in wisdom; Jesus grew in truth.
He showed love to God and man while in His youth.
Jesus wants to guide me. Jesus shows the way,
Calling me to come and walk with Him each day.

As I walk with Jesus to my home above,
He will bless me with His Spirit and fill me with His love,
Change my heart forever and help me clearly see.
I will walk with Jesus, and He will walk with me.

Verse 2:
I can grow like Jesus. I will try each day-
Promising to walk His path and there to stay.
Standing by my Savior, safe within His care,
Step by step I’ll follow, and His love I’ll share.

Verse 3:
I will trust in Jesus. I will hear His call.
He will never leave me, even when I fall.
Jesus gives me power, lifts and comforts me,
Helping me to live and grow eternally.

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