I Said Goo Goo Goo Gaga Tiktok Song Lyrics

Song Info: I Said Goo Goo Goo Gaga Tiktok Song name is “The Race” Freestyle sung by Quandale Dingle.

I Said Goo Goo Goo Gaga Tiktok Song Lyrics

Yeah, Yeah, Haha
Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions
Aye I Know I’m Five Years Late [ha-ha-ha
You Can’t F^^k With Me, I’m on a Different Level
Phew, Phew

Money So Big, N^^^as Think I’m Yeat
B^^^h You Can’t Compete
Lil Ho, Get on Your Knees and L^^k the Cheese
I’m Finna Get on Your Asz, You Could Call Me Pair of Jeans
That Girl, She Came and S^^ked My D^^k, and She Did It Hella Mean
Yeah, They Call Me Quandale
Got to Get to the Green, I’m Not Talking ‘bout No Kale
Had to Kick a Lil B^^^h Out, ‘cause She Was F^^king Like a Snail
Man, I Was Just in Jail
I Was Opening Up Mail
Quandarious Tried to Diss Me and His Stupid Asz Failed
Got These Hoes Mad
‘cause I’m Getting Racks
Put a Hunnid on the Dash
B^^^h Yo Breath Stink, Please Go Put on a F^^king Mask
She Said “pasz the Weed”, B^^^h, I Don’t Like to Pasz the Gas
Blowing Bubbles, Blowing Zaza
She Got Big Ol’ Ti^^ies I Said “goo-goo, Goo, Gah-gah”
In the Zoo, Monkey Asz N^^^as
Oo-oo, Oo, Ah-ah, Stop Playing With Me
When the Money Talking, I Could Not Hear What You Saying
Lil B^^^h Is Religious, on Her Knees, Like She Praying to Me
Ok I’m Done
Never Mind, Just Kidding, N^^^a
Aye, B^^^h I Had to Do the Race, Got a Couple Bad B^^^hes With Me
Spray My D^^k, Call It Face Paint, Goofy Ahh N^^^a
You Ain’t Cool, Nah You Ain’t
B^^^h I Will Grab the Smith & Wesson, Shoot a N^^^a, Head Bald, G.i Jane
[aye, I Know That Sh^t Went Over Your Head, It’s Cool
Uh, Finna Go to the B-, Oh Sh^t [oh F^^k, My Voice
Yeah, Finna Go to the Bank, Got My Hand on Her Hill
N^^^a, You Can Call Me Hank
This Song Is Finna Start a Fire, I Don’t Need No Propane
I’m Not a Liar, I Desire a Hoe That’s Gonna Shake and Break My Bank
I’mma Eye Her Down, and I’mma Fly Her Up
I’m Finna F^^k Her in the Car Until the Tires Stuck
I Said Girl What’s Your Name, She Said Lizzy Miguaire, F^^k
Oh Sh^t

I’mma Do the Race
I’mma Do the Race
I’mma Do the Race
I’mma Do the Race
I’mma Do the Race
I’mma Do the Race
N^^^a, I’mma Do the Race

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