I Go by Slime I’m Hella Fine Lyrics

Song Info: I Go by Slime I’m Hella Fine Song name is Shabooya sung by Gloss Up, Hitkidd, and K Carbon.

I Go by Slime I’m Hella Fine Lyrics

Okay, go on three
One, two, three
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call
Shabooya, sha-sha-shabooya roll call (Ayy)

[Verse 1: Slimeroni]
I go by Slime (Yeah), I’m hella fine (Yeah)
I got some n^^gas (Yeah), but they ain’t mine (Yeah)
Can’t stop this pimpin’ (Yeah), ’cause I’m from Memphis (Yeah)
I’m too player, you won’t never catch me slippin’ (Yeah)
[Verse 2: Aleza]
Look, ayy, I’m Aleza, I’m smokin’ reefer
That ain’t your n^^ga, he ain’t no keeper, he an eater
And I’m a stoner, popular loner
Fat blunts, White Runtz, that’s my persona

[Verse 3: Gloss Up]
I’m Glossiana, hot as the summer
I keep a treat, know how I’m comin’
Important b^^ch, you can’t reach me by my number
Didn’t let him f^^k, he ate my a^^, what a bummer

[Verse 4: K Carbon]
B^^ch, I’m Big Carbon, run through his wallet
If I want that n^^ga, b^^ch, you better watch him
I touch big figures, I’m strictly doggin’ n^^gas
They talkin’ ’bout, “What the f^^k is that?”
how I s^^t on b^^ches

[Verse 5: Slimeroni]
I’m Slimeroni, the one and only
You might’ve seen me , but you don’t know me
Pay me attention, ’cause I’m expensive
S^^t on hoes, I don’t care if it’s offensive

[Verse 6: Aleza]
It’s only one Aleza, on my neck a freezer
I been the s^^t since they was pagin’ through them beepers
I’m a bad b^^ch in my bonnet, like my daddy, I be stuntin
And he in love with me,
but I’m in love with spendin’ this money

[Verse 7: Gloss Up]
B^^ch, I’m Gloss, this p^^sy cost
Keep my p^^sy in his mouth just like some floss
This p^^sy pricy, he wanna wife me
Runnin’ n^^gas, I should be sponsored by Nike

[Verse 8: K Carbon]
B^^ch, I’m Big Carbon, don’t call me Kim, ho
Got good p^^sy, have him bustin’ out my window
Feel like 50 Cent, ’cause I got many men, ho
I be fresh as f^^k, expensive linens with no lint on

[Verse 9: Slimeroni]
B^^ch, I’m Queen Slime, queen of the dimes
Man, I’m so hard, make s^^t look easy without tryin
I don’t f^^k with too many,
but these hoes, I got plenty
Don’t ask me ’bout your n^^ga,
just know that my b^^ch’ll send me

[Verse 10: Aleza]
Uh, Leza or Aleza, nah, f^^k that, Big Leza
These juicyass t^^ties got these n^^gas choosin, pickin
He think we finna kick it, to me, he just a ticket
See I just want his funds, then that contact deleted

[Verse 11: Gloss Up]
Ayy, call me Glitter, I take your n^^ga
She want her n^^ga back, but he stuck like a sticker
He love her pretty face, but I’m thicker
N^^gas think they slick, but I’m slicker

[Verse 12: K Carbon]
B^^ch, I’m Big Carbon, break him and send him back
I’ma take her n^^ga, come here, b^^ch, and give me that
Now she cryin’ in her pillow,
hoes silly, hoes mad
Made him eat my a^^, give me all his cash,
break him down bad, b^^ch

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