I Be Like Wassup And She Can t Get Enough Lyrics

Song Info: I Be Like Wassup And She Can t Get Enough Song name is SHOULDER SHRUG sung by Koto.

I Be Like Wassup And She Can t Get Enough Lyrics

They acting like they having fun like “Is you really?”
Lemme go and grab my coat I’m feeling chilly
Slim waist, dinner plate, they ain’t silly? Let em hate
Go and hit my shuffle, I think I’m off a couple
Went ahead and pushed em to the side like a cheat code
Got the ball I’m flying like I’m Clyde cause we ain’t equal
One, Two, Three! Boutta let it fly like an eagle
Went ahead and smoked it to the face but the s^^t ain’t legal
I be like “Wassup?”
And she can’t get enough
I don’t wanna fall in love
I’m only tryna f^^k
Pop it like champagne, wet it up
Got my brothers in the cut
Michael Jordan shoulder shrug
Balling off that secret stuff
We about to take em to the doctor
They wanna be silly but they ain’t doin it proper
Just let it show, let it go, let it flow
She hot and ready, pizza roll
Knock em down domino
Bird call, Allen Poe

Wanna talk about they knuckles
Gotta put dis s^^t to werk
Make it clap like It’s a huddle
(Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)
Got me twins I’m seeing double
(Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha)
Now I’m bout buck sixty with muscle
Charge it up, charge it up
Went ahead and charged it up
Reese Pieces, buttercup
Lemme see that tummy tuck
In the function, in the function yeah they friends
And let’s not pretend like you ain’t got let us in

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