He Just Ate My A He Wanna Switch Lyrics

Song Info: He Just Ate My A He Wanna Switch Song name is Eating sung by Sukihana.

He Just Ate My A He Wanna Switch Lyrics

Bitch, it’s Suki with good cat (The good motherfuckin’ cat)
Yeah, y’all hoes know my fuckin’ name, bitch (Bitch, you know my motherfuckin’ name ho)
Yeah (Stop playin’ with me, bitch), Suki

I take yo’ nigga, put this pussy on his tongue (On his tongue)
Deep-throatin’ dick, I got cum all in my lungs (In my lungs)
And you know he chew this ass, don’t be dumb (Don’t be dumb)
I got niggas tryna pay to eat this pussy out my thong (Yeah)
Dick all in my booty hole, I finna get my ass bleached
I don’t want yo’ kids, nigga, put ’em on my ass cheeks (Yeah)
‘Cause I’m triflin’, 40 Glock on my nightstand
Roll up his backwood before he put that pipe in (Fuck me nigga)
Bitch, I’m bustin’ juggs in a Hellcat (Skrrt)
In the backseat, gettin’ fucked from the back (From the back)
Don’t be scared, nigga, you know I got that good cat (Know I got that good cat)
You better break a bitch off, Kit-Kat (Kit-Kat)
I just want a big dick in my еsophagus (Esophagus)
These niggas love mе ’cause I’m pretty and I’m chocolate (And I’m chocolate)
He just popped a Perc’ 30, got that perky dick
And my rent due, bitch, you know I’m takin’ dick
I’m hot in the ‘tel (‘Tel) and I’m sellin’ ‘tel (‘Tel)
Bitch, I’m drunk as hell (Hell), where is the rotel (‘Tel) dip?
I need some rotel dick (I need some motherfuckin’ rotel dick)
Bitch, you know I’m strapped with a stick (Doo-doo-doo)
Every Glock I got got a switch (Grrah, grrah)
Bitch, stop the car, I gotta piss (I gotta piss, ho)
He just ate my ass, he wanna switch (He wanna switch)
Now I’m eatin’ his ass
Eatin’ his ass, eatin’ a nigga ass
Eatin’ a nigga ass, we be eatin’ niggas ass

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