Gabbie Hanna 2020 Tiktok Song Lyrics

Song Info: Gabbie Hanna 2020 Tiktok Song name is 2020 (TikTok Song) sung by Gabbie Hanna.

Gabbie Hanna 2020 Tiktok Song Lyrics

2020, it’s been one hell of a year
There’s too many tragedies to list here
But I guess I’ll try

Between losing Kobe, killer bees
And fighting racist in the street (Ooh)
The world is riddled with disease
And f^^king human trafficking (Ooh)
The president can’t stop fighting
Literally everybody

Genocide in Armenia
Lots of lies in the media
Fires in California
And even more in Australia
A broken royal family
F^^k you, Harvey Weinstein
Explosion in Lebanon
And all the toilet paper is gone

Let’s hope 2021 (Ooh)
2021, will be better

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