Fumbled The Bag Lyrics – Jenna Raine

Song Info: Fumbled The Bag Song name is Fumbled The Bag sung by Jenna Raine.

Fumbled The Bag Lyrics

I Saw You Out With Your Friends
Same Old Cologne on Your Skin
You Said I Miss You and How You Been?

You Know I’m No Good at This
My Stomach’s Doing Front Flips
I Used to Know You It Makes Me Sick

So Don’t Call Me Overdramatic
Pretending the Story of Us Isn’t Tragic

What if the Best Thing You Had
Is Somebody That You Want Back?
What if the Moment That You Walked Away
You Wish You Turned Around

What if You Got It All Wrong
And I Was the One All Along?
Hate to Say “I Told You So”
But Baby Ain’t It Sad?
You Fumbled the Bag

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♬ fumbled the bag – jenna raine

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