Escapism Lyrics – RAYE

Song Info: Escapism Song name is Escapism sung by RAYE.

Escapism Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sleezin’ n teasin’
I’m sittin’ on ’em
All my diamonds are drippin’ on ’em
I met him at the bar
It was twelve or somethin’
I ordered two more wines
‘Cause tonight I wanted

A little context if you care to listen
I find myself in this s^^t position
The man that I love sat me down last night
And he told me that it’s over, dumb decision
And I don’t wanna feel how my heart is ripping
Fact, I don’t wanna feel

So I stick to sippin’
And I’m out on the town with a simple mission
In my little black dress and this s^^t is sittin’
Just a heart broke b!tch
High heels 6 inch
In the back of the nightclub, sipping champagne
I don’t trust any of these b!tches I’m with
In the back of the taxi sniffing
Drug cause drug text, drunk tears, drug s^^
I’m looking for a man who’s on the same phase

I don’t wanna feel

Smoke this joint [?]
Back to my ways like 2019
Not 24 hours since my ex did dead it
I got a new man on me, it’s about to get sweaty
Last night really was the cherry on the cake
Been some dark days lately and I’m finding it crippling

Excuse my state
I’m as high as your hopes that you’ll make it on my bed
Get me hot and sizzlin’
If I take a step back to see the glass half full
At least it’s the Prada two-piece that I’m trippin’ in
And I’m already acting like a d!ck
Know what I mean?
So you might as well stick it in
Just a heart broke b!tch

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