Dark X File Lyrics – (G)I-DLE

Song Info: Dark X File Song name is Dark X File sung by (G)I-DLE.

Dark X File Lyrics

Kill the truth
Me and you

그 무엇도 끝낼 수 없어
I cannot end anything

흔적도차 남기면 안 될 sign
A sign that any trace shouldn’t be left

파괴해야 하는 the x-file
The x-file that must be destroyed
그게 넌 어딨는지 알잖아

You know where it is
더러운 세상 유일한 light, bye
One and only light in this dirty world, bye

Yeah I’m crazy for you
Kiss me
Don’t you know it’s a show anyway
가끔 그런 생각을 해

Sometimes I think
그냥 좀 나쁘면 안 될까
Can’t I just be bad
사랑은 착하면 아픈데

Love hurts when it’s nice
차라리 나쁘면 안 될까
So can’t it be just bad
근데 넌 나쁜 게 싫은 거잖아
But you don’t like it when it’s bad

매사 잃는 게 쉽지 않지
It’s always not easy to lose
난 잊는 게 더 어려운데
But for me it’s harder to forget

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