Brain Rave Lyrics – Your Favorite Martian

Song Info: Brain Rave Song name is Brain Rave sung by Your Favorite Martian.

Brain Rave Lyrics

[Verse 1: Puff Puff Humbert]
My insomnia is brutal, I feel crusty as hell
‘Cause I’ve been lying here for hours and I’m wide awake still

All I wanna do is get some rest for my body
But my brain transforms itself into a warehouse party
And it happened so abrupt, my memories started showing up
Now, I’m thinking of all types of stuff

Like, why’d they shut down Toys R Us?
And old songs from TV shows, and facts I learned about UFOs
This place is full of the thoughts I’m thinkin’
Oh, my God, and now they’re drinkin’

[Refrain: Stevi The Demon]
I, I, I can’t sleep again
Every night at three AM
There’s a party in my head, everyone gets in
What the hell is happenin’?

Brain rave
Brain rave
Brain rave
Brain rave
Brain rave

[Verse 2: Puff Puff Humbert, Cartoon Wax]
Hey, there’s the girl that rejected me
And look, there’s the place that I left my keys
And there are some of my most embarrassing moments
Hanging with my middle school soccer opponents

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