All Of A Sudden You Wanna F Why Now Lyrics

Song Info: All Of A Sudden You Wanna F Why Now Song name is How About Now Freestyle sung by Bryson Tiller.

All Of A Sudden You Wanna F Why Now Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m up right now, got drink in my cup right now
Dank in my blunt right now
I can’t give a f^^k right now
Game need change, I’ll turn that b^^ch upside down
I’m curious, all of a sudden you wanna f^^k
Why now? (why, why)
All of a sudden you wanna f^^k, why now
Can’t even lie I wanna f^^k right now
Pants down and your shirt up right now
Girl, you know just how to get my attention
Lot of bulls^^t from the past I could mention
Come f^^k me, you know I don’t like tension

You ain’t really f^^k with me way back then but how ’bout now?
Cause I’m up right now, and you simply s^^k right now (be real)
Ayy, you would never give me play back then
But how ’bout now?
B^^ch I’m up right now, and you s^^k right now
Used to talk s^^t about me to all your friends
But how ’bout now?
Yeah, girl how ’bout now?
How ’bout now girl, what about now girl
How ’bout now?

[Verse 2]
Don’t tell me to keep you in the loop like the beat is
‘Til Drake throw me on the remix, we both know
That’ll never happen
What change girl, I thought we was everlasting?
It’s not me it’s you I know
Cause I was never slacking
Don’t play with me girl, I’m the truth when it come to acting
Like me and you never happened
Tough luck right now, boo-hoo
That’s enough right now
‘less you wanna f^^k right now
Ain’t much to discuss right now
I’ma beat it up like the beat
And this s^^t thump right now
It’s a whole lot of b^^ches in the club
Don’t make me choose up right now
It’s a whole lot of n^^gas in the club
Straight putting up a front right now
Came with your main ho, listen up
You could lose her right now
She feeling a n^^ga something tough right now
Why? Cause I’m up right now
Young Tiller

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