41 Bop Lyrics – Kyle Rich & Tata

Song Info: 41 Bop Song name is 41 Bop sung by Kyle Richh, TaTa, Jenn Carter, Dee Billz, Jay Gelato & Miah Kenzo.

41 Bop Lyrics

Intro: Kyle Richh]
Grrah Grrah

[Verse 1: Kyle Richh]
Walk down gang, we gon’ leave him to pieces (Graah)
Spot a opp I might up it and fire (Graah Graah)
Pass me the Jiggy i’m tryna get higher (Graah Graah)
Put a O in his face like a tire (Graah)
Three deep i’m wit’ Jenny and Miah
Opp thot she get hit through the wig
Like ima up I don’t need an assist
Big EBK, I did what I did (Graah Graah Graah)
Like no
Where he go
Don’t run red beam on the scope (Like what)
And the s^^t that I tote can’t fit in my coat
Big gun it can’t fit in my sweater
(When I spin, 30’s are better)
She a thot she on top of the legs up
I’m a demon on court, ima threat
S^^k my d^^k Ek you next
Graah, shе a thot 41 boppin’
Oh my god what happened to wait
How you tough you don’t do what you claim
He not a ‘ootеr he don’t put in pain
How you tough to deep and you copped it
I was 13 wit’ a switch in my pocket
She a freak so I beat up the box
Like, she get nasty she know how to slop (Graah)

[Verse 2: Tata]
How you tryna be somethin’ you not
And i’m big EOS n^^ga every opp shot
Like a package put ’em in a box
And they call me Dwayne
Cause i’m nice with The Rock
Me and Mellz to deep 2 beams 2 knocks
In the V gettin’ diddy off dot
Ain’t no case and yeah I did a lot
They gon’ think ima janitor I came wit’ a mop
He ain’t tough when his back is a battery
Yeah these n^^gas be livin’ in fantasy’s
These n^^gas not really outside put the beam to his face he gotta face reality
Don’t run
Where he go
He gon’ get shot if he throw up a O
Everything deady everybody know and he look like a clown red beam on his nose
Don’t run
Don’t Trip, everything deady walkin’ through they s^^t
Oh they mad ’cause they mans in a spliff
All the opp n^^gas s^^k my d^^k
Grrah wassup
Then it’s lit
S^^k my d^^k Lefty you a b^^ch
Spinnin’ through courtlandt i’m bumpin’ my s^^t
If he throw up a O then somebody get hit

[Verse 3: Jenn Carter]
She a thotty she bittin’ the sheet
He tried to run but I already peep
Runnin’ and dumpin’ he think it’s a dream
I can not f^^k if that b^^ch is a keen
Send a choppa it’s hittin’ his spleen
Bullets are nice so they makin’ him lean grrah
Now I done made a scene
Ballin’ on court 41 is a team
She tryna pull up she don’t need a license
I said dotti is punchin’ like tyson
Spin in the morning I see the horizon
Like, i’m a sun ’cause the demon is rising
And the bullets conover rises
Spin in a V, I don’t care ’bout a permit
Said that boy he got washed detergent
Like if I get me a dono I earned it
I’m a dolo like I am a threat
And the beam is a chain like it stay on his chest
I get bigger don’t get me upset
And these n^^gas is mad they can’t run up a check
In the field, i’m playin’ soccer
She a baddie she tote on the knocka
He tried to run he get turned into graba
Like, on the scene make it hot

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