Notti Gang Lyrics – DD Osama

Song Info: Notti Gang Song name is Notti Gang sung by DD Osama.

Notti Gang Lyrics

Notti Gang Lyrics
[Intro: Dudeylo, Edot Babyy & DD Osama]
Su^k my d!ck, n^^ga
It’s that Dudeylo n^^ga, su^k my d!ck, you heard?
Every opp shot
Ayo Dudey’, pass me the fu^kin’ knocks (Ahh)
Grrah (Ahh)

[Verse 1: DD Osama, Dudeylo]
I’m wit’ Roscoe, and he totin’ the knocka
He get shot if he throw up a Flocka
Spin through the Sev, we yellin’, ‘We got one”

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