It’s Cool When They Do It It’s A Problem When I Do It Lyrics

Song Info: It’s Cool When They Do It It’s A Problem When I Do It Song name is Back End

It’s Cool When They Do It It’s A Problem When I Do It Lyrics

Finesse, two of ’em
(XO think he all that)

It’s cool when they do it (It’s cool, huh?), it’s a problem when I do it, f^^k ’em (F^^k ’em)
Birds of a feather (What?), they flock together, that make you a sucker (A sucker)
I don’t f^^k with nobody (None of ’em), if you ain’t mob ties, then it’s f^^k you (F^^k you)
I don’t want nothin’ but some money (Some money), but if they get with this s^^t, I’ma flush ’em
I’m in South Carolina (What you doing?), I’m looking for Renny, she know I’m some pimpin’ though (Yeah, she know that)
She gotta be thick as hell, big player, I can’t do nothin’ with no skinny ho (Oh, nah)
Bought a Glock 47, that b^^ch look like a D.E, I hit it with both hands (Two hands)
I sign my own check (I’m CEO), better stay in your lanе, your lil’ bitty broke a^^ (You broke)
They hatе that they left me (They hate it), they regret what they said (They see), but I don’t accept it (I don’t)
They claimin’ he bought it (Huh?), the whole time it was somebody else’s (That’s crazy)
Finesse bringing real back (The real), he be speaking his mind, that boy with the s^^t (He lit)
These rap n^^gas pitiful (I’m so sick of ’em), they be ready to kill you over a b^^ch
Hold up, I come around, n^^gas go put they ho up (Go put they ho up)
Quit asking questions, b^^ch, shut up and roll up (Roll up)
She eat the d^^k ’til she throw up (Ugh)
He tried to diss me to blow up (Boom)
I’m VVS to the floor up (Ooh)
Pinkie ring look like a doughnut
I do this s^^t for them n^^gas who solid and free all them real ones who jailin’ in Beaumont
D^^n, they can’t do nothin’ with ’em
Beefin’ with who? It ain’t nothin’ with ’em (None)
I’m hearin’ the slick s^^t (Slick s^^t), tote nothin’ but big s^^t, you can get slumped with ’em (Slumped with ’em)
The Draco is under me (Yeah), that b^^ch in my lap now, come and get ’em (Lap now, come and get ’em)
You think I ain’t on point (You stupid), run up if you want, shoot this b^^ch through the window (Bah, bah, bah)
They like, “Ooh, he violent” (Shh), they ain’t dropping nothin’, ooh, they silent (Shh)
They making up rumors, don’t nobody believe ’em, that s^^t don’t surprise me (It don’t)
My side b^^ch main homie (On God), she play her position, ain’t doing no snitchin’ (Shh)
Remember I was broke (Remember), now they be like, “Hell nah, look at Ricky” (Lil’ Deebo)
Don’t act like you know a n^^ga
All them years I did, you ain’t wrote a n^^ga
Don’t be speakin’ on me if you owe a n^^ga
I’ll catch him in traffic and ho the n^^ga (Ho the n^^ga)
I put that on my grand mammy (I put that on my grand mammy)
I was gone, but I’m back at it (Now I’m back at it)
I ain’t cool, I just act happy (Cool, I just act happy)
Mini Drac’, I can backpack it (B^^ch, I can tote it)
Say they got a bounty on who? (On who?) They say they got prices on who head? (On who head?)
Thirty-two shots in this Glock 17, and b^^ch, it’ll be thirty two dead, on me
I hit that b^^ch with my foot in her neck (Foot in her neck)
Sleepin’ on me, now a crook in your neck (Crook in your neck)
Thirty K for a twenty minute set
Put some baguettes in the Cartier specs, I’m back in (I’m back)
They ain’t f^^k with me back then (They was sleeping)
Now they hollerin’ ’bout, “Tap in” (Hollerin’ ’bout, “Tap in”)
I pulled up with a MAC-10 (Pulled up with a— rrrt)
If she give you some p^^sy and you tell the business, that mean you a rat then (Then you’ll tell somethin’)
I don’t want your bottles, I don’t want your weed, just give me my backends
I’m goin’ back in (I’m goin’ back in)

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